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Our approach

All Bemat products come from our own production. We are very proud of this and would like to tell you more about the production of our mat sets 

What we stand for:

Own production

High quality

Sustainable production

Made to measure

Available in all sizes

Ordering process

First of all, your order is entered and processed in our system as quickly as possible. After processing the order you will receive an order confirmation from us with an indication of the production and delivery time. We place your order based on the material in our system, so that we can produce effectively. Here we look at the fabric, size, shape, finish and whether your mat needs to be personalized. As next, we will take your order into production.

Bemat’s own production line

When your mats go into production, they are first placed on a cutting machine, where the mats are precisely cut to the millimeter. After this, the mats are either funded or banded and this is the finish of your mat set. We produce customized mat sets for you, which means you can choose which finish is applied.

Festooning or banding

Our Budget, Basic,Trend and High-line car mats are festooned finished, which means that edges of the mat are hemmed using matching threads. When banding, the mat is finished in a stylish way with a luxurious appearance. The mat set is provided with a subtle band in a matching color. In addition, it is a sustainable way of finishing, so that the quality of the mat stays longer in good shape. The corners do not have to be rounded when banding your mat set.

Furthermore, the mats are provided with a fastening system, so that the mat cannot slide back and forth. Finally, your mat set (if desired) is personalized with an embroidered logo. 

Your mats on transport<

When the finishing and personalization steps are completed, your order is ready! A quality check will follow up, and when we are satisfied with the quality, the order is sent to DPD transport. You will receive a Track and Trace code from us and the mats will be delivered to you on the following day. Under normal circumstances our delivery time is +/- 1.5 weeks.

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