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At Bemat you will find perfectly customized RV mats. Our RV mats are made of needle felt carpet, velvet or rubber. Our products ensure high-quality mats with a guaranteed shape. We make our molds for forming the mats in our own factory, which means that we can produce matsets for the RV for every RV brand and every shape.

Our entire range

In our assortment we distinguish between different types of RV mats, namely the BASIC, TREND and HIGH line. The mats differ in material and finish. Whether you choose for the affordable stitched carpet or the luxurious velvet RV mat, we guarantee you high quality mats. Our RV mats are available in many colors and you can also personalize the RV mats by means of logo embroidery. In addition, the fixing of the mats completely adapted to the brand and RV model.
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Basic – line

The Basic-Line mats are made from high-quality needle felt carpet. The mat sets are  available in various colors and a heel piece is mounted on the driver’s mat which extends the service life of the mat. A security system ensures that the mat cannot shift and the mat is finished with decoration.

Trend – line 

These mats are made from polypropylene carpet. The mat set is available in the color graphite and is equipped with a whole piece. The back is made of granulate which makes the mats non slippery, in addition, a fastening system is attached to prevent sliding.

High – line

The masterpiece in our collection is the High-Line mats. These mats are made of beautiful velvet and can be supplied in black, gray, graphite or beige. The back is made of NSF, which provides extra comfort and cushioning and ensures that the mat cannot shift. With the High-line mat set your RV will get a more luxurious appearance.

Bemat RV mats

Would you like have some advice on which car mats best suit your situation? Or would like to have more information about prices and features? Then contact us without commitment and request a free quote. The quotation will be sent within 24 hours with the exception of weekends and public holidays.


If you are not looking for RV mats, but other mats?.  Please let us know, in Bemat you will also find car mats, truck mats or tractor mats. And we even produce bus mats, shovel mats and forklift mats.


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