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Car accessories

At Bemat we offer car accessories to promote your safety during your journey or for the promotion of your company in the automotive industry. 

Safety accessories

An accident is in a small corner. That is why we think it is important at Bemat that you have all possible resources on the road at your disposal. Do you want to be on the road safely? Then these accessories should not be missing in your car: 

A safety bag with first aid items

A lifehammer

Warning triangle

Safety vests

Emergency light

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We have a safety bag that does meet European quality standards. The safe pack comes in a distinctive blue or red shockproof and waterproof fabric with zipper. The bag is equipped with multiple symbols that simply describe the content.


The double hammer of the Life hammer has hardened points which shatter the side window in a few seconds. The integrated, razor-sharp Solingen Knife cuts the belt with a single pull. The Lifehammer is easy to assemble and because of its fluorescent button, you can easily reach out in the dark.

Warning triangle

You probably know him, the warning triangle. Who doesn’t have it in the car as standard? This warning triangle is neatly packaged in a plastic, rectangular tube. Easy to use and stable on the ground.

Safety vests

100% polyester with velcro fastening, reflective stripes with EN471 standard beautifully finished with a beautiful piping. The safety vest is available in fluorescent yellow. The following applies: ONE SIZE.

Emergency Light

This emergency light is a multifunctional safety light.The lamp consists of two lamps in one. You can use it for both flashlight and strobe light.The burning time of this lamp is at least 30 hours. Ideal for in the car, but also very suitable for on the boat, a walk in the woods or during dangerous situations.

Promotional items

Do you need promotional items for a trade show or just as a goodie to give away to new customers? Below you will find our range of promotional items for your company. If you are looking for other items please contact us.


Our range of key chains is very extensive. Leather, metal, with or without logo you name it. Ask us about the possibilities.

License plate holder

When it comes to license plate holders we also have a wide choice in that. Let us inform you.

License plate pouch

What could be better than when you deliver a car, the buyer gets a nice license plate with your company name and accompanying logo? Blank is of course also possible. This handy license plate case is also available in suede or leather, 3 colors and with your own logo.

Key Fair

Beautiful, sustainable key fairs. Available in suede or leather, in 3 colors. We can provide these key fairs with your own logo or name by printing or embossing.

Towbar cap

Practical protector for the towbar. Your logo can also be made on this.


In many designs and colors. Fully available to your own liking. Everything is possible such as your own name, logo, specific text etc.


In many designs and colors. Fully available to your own liking. Everything is possible such as your own name, logo, specific text etc.


Nice, sturdy caps in many colors, sizes and designs. Your own logo can also be embroidered here.

Fleece hats

Nice, warm fleece hats. Ideal for the colder, darker, shorter days. Available in multiple sizes, also in children’s si

Ice scrapers

Various types of ice scrapers. Different sizes and designs which can be provided with your own logo.
Would you like more information about our our car accessories or would you like to request a free quote, please contact us.

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