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Car mats

Rubber car mats

The right vending machines not only provide extra grip while driving, but also take into account your original upholstery. Moreover, with separate vending machines you can ensure a stylish and luxurious appearance of your interior. With us you can choose from different types of carpets, such as needle felt car mats, polypropylene carpets, velor car mats or rubber mats. But which one fits your situation? Below you can read more about the possibilities within our range.

Our assortment

Whether you order an affordable needle felt car or a luxury velor car: all car mats are produced with passion and craftsmanship.Thanks to our many years of experience, we produce high-quality car mats with a perfect finish. The following car mats can be found in our collection.

Needle felt car mats

Would you like to have a neat appearance of your car, but you do not care about luxury? No problem, a car mat set from Naaldvilt is the right choice for you. Needle felt is usually cheaper than velor, this is partly due to the durability of the mats. Small dirt such as sand and grit are less visible than on velor. On the other hand, coarser dirt gets caught faster and they are less easy to clean. An example of needle felt car mats are ribbed car mats, the sizes are available in various colors. The needle felt car mats in our range are the Budget and Basic-line car mats.
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Bemat car mats Basic – line

The characteristics of the Basic-line car mats:

  • Made of high quality needle felt carpet 
  • Delivered in various colors, including black, gray and graphite
  • Have a perfect shape
  • The driver’s mat comes with a heel piece, which provides extra protection against the heels of your shoes
  • The back is made of granulate 
  • The fixing of the mats is customized to the car
  • Finished with decorations.


Bemat car mats trend – line

The characteristics of the Trend-line car mats:

  • Are made from polypropylene carpet 
  • Have a perfect shape
  • The driver’s mat comes with a heel piece, which provides extra protection against the heels of your shoes
  • The back is made of granulate, this ensures a good anti-slip
  • Are provided in the color graphite
  • Finished with yarn
  • The fixing of the mats is customized to the car

Bemat car mats High – line

The characteristics of the High-line car mats:

  • Luxury variant mat set which provides an exclusive appearance
  • Made of beautiful velvet
  • Perfect shape
  • The back is made of NSF, this provides extra comfort and cushioning
  • Does not shift due to the application of NSF
  • Are available in black, gray, beige and graphite
  • Are finished with banding
  • The fixing of the mats is matched to the car

Velours car mats

Do you value the exclusive and elegant appearance of the interior of your car? Or do you find more important that the set of mats have a long useful life? Then velvet car mats are the perfect choice for you. They are made from tufted carpet, so the mat sets are often more expensive, but also easier to clean. In addition, the mats are delivered in different colors and you will find high-line slabs made of velvet in our collection.

Rubber car mats

Do you think it is important that your car mats are easy to clean because you have small children or a pet that often hitch a ride for example? Then rubber car mats are the right choice for your. These mats are also ideal for our cold little country. You have extra grip, suitable for fall and winter and you can easily rinse them clean with water. In our collection, you will find various rubber car mats, please ask for the possibilities.
Would you like have some advice on which car mats best suit your situation? Or would like to have more information about prices and features? Then contact us without commitment and request a free quote. The quotation will be sent within 24 hours with the exception of weekends and public holidays.

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