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About us

Bemat is based in Genemuiden and has been supplying customized car mats to many companies since it was founded in 1995. Since then we have been developing customized mats. We are happy to tell you where all started and walk you the process of making our mat sets.

In summary

Bemat manages its own production and because of this we can supply the mats at the highest possible quality. We listen to your wishes, are flexible, easily accessible and can adapt quickly to changes. We know that branding is the strength of your company so we offer you the opportunity to personalize your mats using an embroidered logo. We only deliver to importers, dealers, universal car companies, wholesalers and wholesalers.


How it all started

In 1988 Jan Beens (the owner and founder of Bemat) started in the carpet trade. It was a small company by then where Jan quickly became the manager. He was young and actually had no experience in a similar position, so he was surprised that he was offered this position. However, he quickly found his way and became responsible for combining the mat sets. 
He made sure everything was right and as a true perfectionist, Jan managed to guarantee quality. He soon learned the entire process of making car mats, from making the right mold to the precise finished product. You could say that he is a truly perfectionist. It soon became a hobby that got out of hand and he also sold car mats in addition to his job, but still the priority was the quality of the mats . In 2000 mats were exported by the company to Poland, where the finishing part of the process took place.

Quality is fundamental for Bemat

As a young expert Jan looked for trends, including ISO certification. He was convinced that this was important and that was true. It became clear later that the certification proved to be of great influence for suppliers to be allowed to supply. With this certification, Jan was able to demonstrate that his product met the quality requirements.The quality of the mats was always the drive in the creation of Bemat. In 2001 Jan got the chance to become a supplier to the company where he worked at the time. Later he became the supplier of multiple dealers. 


The development of Bemat

In 2008, after a good collaboration of seven years, an acquisition was offered because the production of mats was to stop in the Netherlands. Jan did not have to think about this and he took over almost immediately. The mats have been further developed over time and Bemat has been around for ten years now. Through continuous innovation, Bemat guarantees the quality of the mats. In addition to the dealer market, Bemat now also serves niche markets such as, agriculture (tractors), transport (truck) and industrial mats ((shovel and forklifts))


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